Red and yellow and pink and blue, purple and orange and green … we can sing a rainbow tune… πŸ₯— Learning about colours 🌈and how they blend to make new and resplendent hues has been one of our learning pathways during the last few weeks … and boy did we have fun!!πŸŽ‰

Science and creativity met each day as we used water, oil, 🎨 paint, straws, brushes and more to create colour magic. Orange 🍊 is a fruit and a colour too- the one so scrumptious and healthy while the other is the colour that emerges when red and yellow swirl around 🍭like a lollipop swirl. Straws are useful instruments did you know – both to stir up those colours or blow in crazy patterns to satisfy our wild imagination … rainbows on the wall using a torch light, and on our proud paper craft work …were all πŸ† trophies we took home as excited narratives of school or memories etched in our minds for ever.