Spring is the season to spring into action – and our home 🏑 learning gives us so much time to be hands on with all that we learn.

Our experiments with the magic of spring time and growth of plants 🌱- was an eye-opening adventure 🐞🌞our learners wont forget too soon … Its not just about spring time though – we create scientific experiences with simple things lying around mummies kitchen and our home Corners- these resulted in 🌈 rainbow adventures, measurements with rulers and scales βš–οΈ – learning about length, floating Sinking – using orange 🍊 shells to make floating Coracles …:πŸ›Άβ›΅οΈ… and much more

We’ve learned a whole lot this last month and had so much fun – we’ve forgotten that we are “cooped up” at home ….:

KIDZMATE Nursery has made this season of threats and uncertainty into a positive and joyous experience for all those preschoolers who dared to join in our e- adventures … πŸ’‘πŸ•―πŸ”­And it’s not late at all for more to drop in and try the theatricals 🎒🎑🏟and fun rides that spark every virtual class session with friends and Teachers ..: Its not boring for us … it’s πŸ’₯fireworks …!!