Saying hello to all the children of the world with a Konichiwa, a Nihau🙏🏼, a Ciao, A Marhaba, or Jambo 🦒… we are all different and yet the same .:: learning about what and how children learn in different parts of the world 🗺🌎 … what a whirling … spinning array of experiences we had with Friends from around the world.

In Japan their colorful fans are just a splash and a paper fold away, in China counting with beads and on the abacus 🧮 makes math a whiz, In Spain 🇪🇸 Ferdinand the Bull is such a charm, and in Egypt the Pyramids cast such a spell with its mysterious secrets and treasures .:

KIDZMATE Nursery has been active and and alive with new learning experiences each week – a new Story each week – that lends so many possibilities for each area of learning ..🦚🌈

Its getting to time now for us to go back to classrooms – Inviting all preschoolers to come and have a taste of how we learners build their skills 🌹