We’ve been though it all – being locked down at home 🏠 and finding ways to keep learning and growing….!

Learning in front of a screen started then and it was not so bad because of what KIDZMATE Nursery made out of it – teachers who thought and brought out πŸͺ„ magic tricks everyday to keep us occupied with focused fun 🀩 filled activities.

Then we put in every effort to make use of the government’s guidelines to open up Nursery activity in a safe and secure manner – and our conquerors joined us one by one and over past five months our learners have stayed safe while enjoying the company of teachers and friends engrossed in all kinds of learning adventures. We are conquerors in indeed we have sailed the rough seas and not only stayed afloat but now are cruising along ⛡️

So proud of what we can do together when we learn from every impediment and conquer the mountains β›° along the way. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ